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Having worked on both sides of the fence – both as a teacher, a Headteacher, and as a teacher recruiter, I wanted to share the advantages of working with a recruitment agency. Compass Education Consultancy offers an opportunity for schools and candidates to continue with their day-to-day roles. This is because:

  • Compass Education Consultancy has extensive databases of qualified teachers, giving schools access to a wider range of candidates than they might not find through their own advertising.
  • We manage the time-consuming tasks of advertising vacancies, screening applications, conducting initial interviews, and verifying credentials, allowing our client school administrators to focus on other critical responsibilities.
  • Compass consultants are specialists in their field and have in-depth knowledge of the education sector. We understand the specific needs and challenges of schools, helping to match the right candidate with the right position, considering all aspects of the vacancy through discussion with the client.
  • We can often quickly provide temporary or long-term staff to cover unexpected absences, maternity leaves, or sudden increases in student enrolment, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the school’s operations.
  • Compass has terms of agreement with Clients  that offers a professional service to ensure successful candidate placements are made and where any anomalies arise in the placement to work towards a meaningful resolution.

Compass Education Consultancy also helps teachers find positions that match their skills, experience, and career goals. We can provide career advice, often from our own experience, helping candidates to enhance their resumes and prepare for interviews.

  • Compass has exclusive contracts with certain schools and districts. We give teachers the access to opportunities that may not see advertised elsewhere.
  • At Compass we offer support throughout the recruitment process, from initial application to job placement. This can include background information about schools, the role, and of course the local area. We always go above and beyond and are happy to help with relocation.
  • Compass has a huge amount of expertise in leadership and teacher recruitment. We offer a range of job types, including permanent, temporary, full-time, and part-time positions. This allows leaders and teachers to find roles that fit their lifestyle and preferences.
  • With our help, you can expand your professional network, both as a teacher and a school as we provide connections internationally and with other educational professionals.

We are always delighted to assist with finding a school, a qualified teacher and alternatively, we are equally thrilled at finding a teacher for that post they have dreamt about. For more information, please call us to discuss further, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Compass Education Consultancy specializes in recruiting exceptional talent for international schools. We provide services in leadership search, teacher recruitment, and consultancy.

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